Healthy Eating & Staying Healthy

Our meals are carefully planned to be well balanced and are prepared freshly by our qualified cook. A four week rolling menu is displayed on the parent's notice board. Vegetarian alternatives are available everyday. Special dietary needs are catered for at parent's requests during induction and these are placed on our dietary and allergy board which all staff have access too and are trained in on their induction. All dietary/cultural needs are catered for and the menus can be adjusted on an individual basis.

All children will be offered three meals during their day at the nursery depending on the hours they attend. These being breakfast, lunch and tea. Appropriate healthy snacks and drinks will also be offered at intervals during the day.

Children are offered regular drinks throughout their day at nursery. Staffs ensure that all children have a well balanced and nutritious diet appropriate to their stage of feeding and their individual requirements.

We encourage children to enjoy mealtimes; we do this by helping the children to enjoy mealtimes and turning them into a happy and relaxed time for all involved.

This is supported by Dryden et al (2005, p. 33) who suggests that "children should be given the opportunity to enjoy mealtimes and should be able to socialise with the other adults and children".

We allow the children to choose what they would like to eat around the table and we allow them to be independent by choosing their own cutlery and pouring their drinks.

This is also supported by Dryden et al (2005, p.33) who reports that "children should be encouraged to choose what they would like to eat from a range of healthy options and should be given the knowledge to be able to choose healthy food"

All nursery meals are included in your weekly fee. We do ask you to supply initial baby foods (i.e. jars/packet foods) and formula milk made up, as soon as your child is on second stage foods, this is inclusive of the cost.




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Staying Healthy

We have a qualified Startwell Level 2 member of staff who is trained in encouraging the children to take part in physical exercise and how to keep themselves healthy through what they eat and drink.

Each week she takes a different age group for 30minutes and uses a variety of equipment and challenges.

All children have physical play throughout the each day using a variety of equipment. The older children also visit Osborne Children's Centre to access their play ground. They also go for walks around the local community and park areas. The caterpillars have a small roof garden which is easily accessible from their room.

Upper and Lower pre-school also have a visit on a fort-nightly basis from the Music Man who teaches them about rhythem and different musical instruments

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